Booking and Fees

*Update* due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation all therapy sessions are now online via zoom and there is currently no date to return to face to face.

Internet-enabled CBT (IECBT) has been found to be as effective as face to face therapy for both anxiety and depressive disorders, with emerging research suggesting that patients who have IECBT are more likely to remember the content of their sessions and remain better for longer.

How much do sessions cost?​

Appointments are available face-face, via phone and Zoom. Online therapy is becoming an increasingly popular option and we are now able to offer this service. ​At Southampton Therapy Services it is important that people are able to make an informed decision to begin therapy. When thinking about how CBT could help, we encourage clients to speak to us via a free consultation to get an idea of what the therapy involves. ​

We therefore offer a free 10-15 minute phone consultation.

Face to Face Appointments

Assessment: £70 lasting, 50 minutes to 1 hour
Treatment: £70 per session, lasting 50 minutes​

Online Therapy

Online appointments can offer flexibility with appointment times and for those who cannot travel to appointments. Therapy is delivered over a secure online platform. If you would like more information on how online therapy works please contact us.

We can currently offer online therapy via zoom.

Assessment and treatment: £65 per session, lasting 50 minutes

The number of treatment sessions needed is established at assessment and can vary from 6 to 20 sessions. This is determined on an individual basis. ​

How can I pay?​

Payment is usually required prior to each assessment or treatment session.

Payment is accepted as cash and bank transfers. I am in the process of registering with private health insurance companies.